213 A.D. - 700 A.D.(Alemannen -> Walsers)

The Alemanni
The early centuries A.D. were a difficult time for the Roman empire as it saw the rise of increased barbarian activity from the north. One of these tribes or group of tribes was the Alemanni. "The Alemanni also spelled ALAMANNI, or ALAMANI, were a Germanic people first mentioned in connection with the Roman attack on them in AD 213. In the following decades, their pressure on the Roman provinces became severe; they occupied the Agri Decumates c. 260, and late in the 5th century they expanded into Alsace and northern Switzerland, establishing the German language in those regions. In 496 they were conquered by Clovis and incorporated into his Frankish dominions. The Alemanni were originally composed of fragments of several Germanic peoples, and they remained a loosely knit confederation of tribes in the Suebi group. Although several tribes put their military forces under the joint command of two leaders for the duration of a campaign, the different peoples generally found it difficult to combine, and they had nothing that could be called a central government. The French and Spanish words for Germany (Allemagne; Alemania) are derived from their name."

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica