Here are some records regarding Teunes who emmigrated to the U.S. around the turn of the century and passed through Ellis Island.
  • Jan and Ite Teune -- 1910
  • Ike (Heike) Bulthuis -- 1913
  • Hendrik Teune -- 1905
  • Jan and Ite Teune -- 1910
    These were two sons of Johannes known to us as John and Edward who came first to work and later brought the whole family over in 1911.

    In 1910 Ellis Island records indicate that two Teunes traveling on the Noordam out of Rotterdam arrived in New York on March 3rd. This is a picture of the Noordam on file at Ellis Island. Not exaclty the QE2 but I guess it got the job done.

    The two Teunes listed are a Jan (John) 20 years old and an Ite (Edward) 18 years old. It turns out that this Ite is actually Edward Teune (1892-1968) son of Johannes. Edward was born on March 27th, 1892. That would put him about 3 weeks shy of 18. John was born on December 7th, 1889 which would make him 20. This combined with the information on Edward (Ite) birth certificate which can be seen in the Message Board and from Teune relatives in the US and also by their origin and their desitnation gives me a high degree of confidence, but I am also looking for further confirmation. These are actual photocopies of the Noordam's manifest dated March 3rd, 1910.

    I assume that Jan is John Teune, as he lists his father as Johannes. And Edward (Ite) lists his father as John (well, he was only 17 or 18 at the time and probably didn't speak very good english).

    Both Teunes on this trip indicated that they were from Bedum and were going to meet an uncle Dirk Boersema who lived at 1520 W. 15th Street, Chicago. This is further confirmation as Boersemas were relatives of the Teunes.

    Here is the location of uncle Dirk's house in Chicago. This was a strong Dutch neighborhood around the turn of the century.

    Ike (Helen) Bulthuis -- 1910
    Helen became Edward's wife. She came over with her brother and his wife.

    In 1913 Ellis Island records indicate that three Bulthuis' from Loppersum traveled on the Noordam out of Rotterdam to arrive in New York on February 5th. This is a picture of the Noordam on file at Ellis Island. This ship seemed to basically be a Dutch shuttle service. Everyone I have investigated that emmigrated to America at this time traveled on this ship.

    The three Bulthuis' traveling together are a Jan (John) 25 years old, his wife, Hendrika, 22 years old and his sister Ike, 23 years old. After discussing this with relatives and confirming it with a Bulthuis in the Netherlands, Ike changed her name to Helen after coming to America. This is Helen Bulthuis, future wife of Edward Teune.

    Here we see that Jan (John) listed his and his sister's father as H. Bulthuis (Hendrick Bulthuis). This further confirms the old family story of John convincing Helen to go to America with him and leaving Hendrick and family back in the Netherlands.

    Hendrik Teune -- 1910
    Hendrik Teune was the son of Jan Teune who was the older brother of Johannes Teune. Johannes was the father of Jan and Ilke listed here below.

    In 1905 Ellis Island records indicate that Hendrik Teune traveling on the Statendam out of Rotterdam arrived in New York on March 24th. This is a picture of the Statendam on file at Ellis Island.

    Hendrik lists his age at 25 which perfectly matches his birth date of 1880 I have from two other sources. He lists his occupation as a skipper from Hoogkerk and his destination as Chicago.

    On the right side of the ships manifest page he indicates he is going to Chicago to meet a "Friend" D. Boersema living at 699 W. 15th Street.