Here is a family portrait of Johannes and Grietjie (John and Grace) Teune with their children. This photo was taken around 1918 or so in Chicago. From left to right (outside, children) are Daniel, Tracy (married VanKampen), Herman (Harm), Edward (Ilke), Grace (Greitje), John (Jan), Lena and Ida. Seated between Johannes and Grietje is Peter.

Special thanks to Pat Hoekstra (daughter of Jean Zylstra, daughter of Edward Teune, son of Johannes) for letting me borrow this picture. Pat's original is a magnificent 16"X20" photo, which I had to take 9 scans of on my tiny 8X10 flatbed scanner, then piece the 9 scans together on the computer and try to smooth out the edges. I think it turned out great. If you want a higher resolution electronic copy, please email me and I will email it to you (
Here is the somewhat incomplete information I have so far on the nine children of Johannes and Grietje Teune:

1. DANIEL TEUNE born in Bedum, Netherlands 30-10-1887 died Berwyn, Illinois, USA 1-11-1971, married in Bedum on 1-8-1908 to AALTJE, ALICE HENDRIKS, born in Roden, Netherlands 16-5-1883, died in Chicago, Illinois, 19-9-1962

2. JAN (JOHN) TEUNE born in Bedum, Netherlands 7-12-1889, owner of a garbage business, died in Wyoming, Michigan 12-1966, married in Chicago ca. 1910 to MINNIE ELSLO, born, 21-11-1893, . Minnie died Lafayette, Indiana 8-1969.

John had three children: Margaret (Peg) Teune who now lives in Zeeland, Michigan,
Henry, who also lives in Zeeland and Florence who now lives in Lafayette, Indiana.

3. EDWARD TEUNE born in Bedum, Netherlands 27-3-1892, died in Hamilton, Michigan, USA 8-1968, married to HELEN BULTHUIS

4. GERBINA (IDA) TEUNE born in Bedum, Netherlands 22-6-1906, married JERRY HUINER

5. GERRITJE (GRACE) TEUNE born in Bedum, Netherlands 6-10-1897, married to PETER TER MAAT

6. HARM, HERMAN TEUNE born in Bedum, Netherlands 4-5-1902, died Harvey, Illinois, USA 17-9-1988, married to CARRIE BOSS [2664], born 4-12-1901, died Harvey, Illinois, USA 12-8-1996.

7. TRIJNTJE (TRACY) TEUNE born in Bedum, Netherlands 26-4-1904, tr. married to GEORGE VAN KAMPEN


9. PETER TEUNE born in Bedum, Netherlands 21-12-1908, died Harvey, Illinois, USA 3-1982, married to SADIE SCHAAF (SCHAFF) born 17-12-1912, died Harvey, Illinois, USA 20-3-1988.

Johannes and Grietjie (John and Grace) Teune with their children came to this country in 1911. They had first sent Edward (age 15 or 16 at the time) and John (20) ahead in 1910 to work, save money and prepare the way for the large family to move into the Dutch neighborhood of the near west side of Chicago (just south of the current UofI medical center campus) Edward was my grandfather.

Pictured is Johannes son, Edward proudly showing off his first wagon for hauling. The house on the right is Johannes first home in America, 1717 w. 14th Place, Chicago. The Dutch community at this time was located on the near west side of Chicago. The el tracks can be seen above the rooftops in the backgroud.
This is a picture of Johannes and Griejte taken in Groningen, The Netherlands before they emigrated to the US.

Daniel and his wife Alice (Aaltje) Hendriks taken about 1908 the Netherlands before the emigration.

Ida (Gerbina) and Jerry Huiner's wedding picture.

Here is Johannes youngest son, Peter with is wife Sadie.

Lena and her husband, Clarence Hoffman.

My greatgrandmother, Grietje Teune taken in Chicago circa 1935(?).