Garret Teune (1925-2003) was the youngest son of Edward (1892-1968), who was the son of Johannes (1857-1927).

This is a family photo of Garret Teune's family taken in November 1969.
Back row from left to right: Kathy, Janet, Gary, Helen
Front row: Edward, Rose (nee Helmus), Garret
Garret (1925-2003) married Rose Alice Helmus (1927-1988).
They had five children:
1. Janet married John Haan and have 3 children, John, David and James.
2. Helen married Roy VanEssendelft and have 1 son, Matthew.
3. Gary married Carol Magee and have 2 children, Gary and Joseph.
4. Kathy married John Atwood and have 3 children Aaron, Jeremy and Abigail.
5. Edward married Ratana Lohjinda and have 2 children, James and Annika.